Since our beginnings in 2013 we have been working to become as self-supportive as possible.
We have our own milk, eggs, meat and we are able to collect rain water, but we do need YOUR help too. 

  • TEA: 4p
  • SALT: 8p
  • SOAP: 40p
  • MAIZE: 1kg 60p (50kg needed a month)
  • RICE per 1Kg: 70p (50kg needed a month)
  • BEANS per 1Kg: 80p (20 KGS needed a month)
  • SUGAR per 1Kg: £1 (50 kg needed a month)
  • WATER: £5 (per child)

Just £15 a month will feed one child for the whole month

Just £18 a month will cover the cost of clothes, shoes, school fees and excercise books for one child. 

Click the button below to set up a regular donation to us via our Golden Giving page. 


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