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 We're delighted to be ready with this New Year News about Welcome Home School 2020

As some of you will remember we started January 2019 with our first Nursery Class of 20 children.

The year went well and finished in the first week of December with a Parents meeting where we were so happy to have nearly all the parents, with the new head Teacher Evans chairing. The parents blessed the teachers with a small gift each and all the children were taken by their parents' home with their reports.

 It was a very busy December for our builders finishing their work, for the teachers preparing lessons, and on the day before we started it was all hands-on deck.

We thank our Donors who provided for this year's building project Missio in Germany and Jane Rose our Patron of Karibu Nyumbani. The project included 3 New Classes and Toilet Block one for girls and one for boys. Also new furniture- desks for teachers, and tables and chairs for the children.

All was ready just in time!

First day jan 2020…
Kat our English Teacher flew in from England ready to teach after a few days' rest. She hit the ground running - not having a word of Swahili- she has been amazing.

The 46 children attending the school are coming from our village and nearest town. The small school fee is almost impossible for some of the families and some have arranged to bring small amounts each week, so they can pay.


We already have our Primary One class, so we can take in our next class in 2021. We would like to start to build the 7 other classes, the dining room and hall.
We ask for your continued prayers that this Project will continue to bless our neighbours' children and bring Glory to God.
Glory to God

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We pray that all our friends and regular readers of our blog are encouraged at the start of this New year and New Decade.
Here as usual we prayed-in the New Year with dancing and singing. Rejoicing and giving Glory to God for all that he did for us in 2019. At the beginning of last year, we had a promise from the Lord that doors that had been difficult to open would open with ease. The Lord was faithful to His word and we are looking forward to seeing all His promises fulfilled for this year and the Decade to come.
Faithful is He who has called you and He will do it.
We pray that the Lord will fill your hearts with a great knowledge of His Father- Love.


Our older children- "Akina Advent", Daflosa, Queenie and Isaya have all passed with A"s and B's to go up into P5.
We are very grateful to our Tutor -Flaviana, she is greatly loved by our children. We were proud mothers when we heard a few weeks ago that Daflosa had come top of her year group and Patrick 3rd of his year group. ALL have done very well, please pray for them for this year.

Isa started school this year too, - looking very smart and grown up. Now, only David is at home in the mornings!


Our oldest 10 are now studying for their Confirmation that will be taking place later in the year.
Please pray that they can all pass their exam, and have a deep understanding in their heart of the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit and the wonders He can work in their liv


PLEASE READ the School News update-you will find it under the "Welcome Home School" on the website


On the day after Christmas we had a family come and visit us who wanted to give thanks for the healing of their little girl Harness. When she was born she had complications with her heart and it did not look as if she was going to survive. Through the prayers of many, their little one, is now completely healed. Her parents shared their testimony with our children, and all their friends and family cooked a meal for us - the day was filled with Joy and thanks to God for the life of little Harness.


We have been blessed to have with us this month Gloria who is an Ambassador for Karibu Nyumbani in England and Clare who often helps me with my accounts.
Clare spent a lot of her week setting up an Excel file for Mr. Evans the Head Teacher of our School – He will now be able to receive of the school fees which is a big load off my shoulders! Halleluiah! -Thank you, Clare. Gloria has only just returned, and I believe she would like to blog herself later. It was so lovely to see her just relax and be so at home with us all and create her own little garden!

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As I write this I am sitting in very hot room in Royston House. There is no sign of Christmas in our little town and there won't be right up to Christmas. Only 2 weeks ago I had the joy of being with my Father in Falmouth, the first time I have been back in England during November for 9 years! It was very special! I love the cold winters. But I was shocked to see all the Christmas decorations and I have to say I was tempted to buy some for the children. I didn't as it was much better to carry some Duplex bricks!! Tomorrow though I will be making a Christmas wreath for our Chapel and I am looking forward to the 4 weeks of lighting candles with them during our evening worship. I pray it will be a time of blessing for them as together we thank our Father for the gift of His Son. The Grace poured out to us through His Redemptive Love. The Grace of freedom of Sin, New life. A gift He planned for our children, for you and me since before all-time began. Lord, enlarge us, to receive all you have to give us.

God bless you all.

Fiona, Ester, Ludmila and all our wonderful children, Aunties and Uncles.

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 "We had such a lovely, blessed, eventful and memorable time at Karibu Nyumbani that we will cherish in our hearts forever. During our 2,5 weeks there we could bring in our various gifts – from cleaning, to repair work, sowing, office jobs, designing leaflets and digitalizing exams for the school project.

After the morning jobs such as sweeping and mopping, we enjoyed being in Jesus presence during our worship and prayers times at the chapel. We also used this time to interceed for the children and the village. During one of these precious sessions, I had a prophetic picture of the children bearing torches that were lit. They lit them at a huge fireplace in the midst of the compound at Karibu Nyumbani and went out into the village with them from there. As they walked, the huts in the village emptied, one by one, and the neighbors joined the kids on their walk through the village. The further they walked, the brighter the light shined and the more change was brought to the village. The light and love of God was transforming the village. The fire of God was blazing. This showed me once again how God is using the children to further his kingdom in the village of Boko Timiza.

We visited the school project and were stunned by how well it is going and how quickly it is growing. Being there you could sense the blessing of God on it and see how much the children enjoy going there. While the children were at school, we worked on various projects, such as sowing school uniforms, helping Fiona in the office and maintance work. We enjoyed the conversations we had with the mamas, aunties and neighbors while we were working. Our afternoons and evenings were spent with the children. We enjoyed making necklaces, drawing, playing football, going on walks, doing homework and simply being with them. In the evenings we all came together for worship and prayer. These times were so sweet and spezial! One of our highlights was when Ema stepped up to share the Word with us. We were touched and amazed as he stood there with so much confidence and authority and read a long passage fluently. Ema, whom I had gotten to know as quite a frightened young boy years before, has grown so much simply by being accepted into a loving family and finding a home. We loved the children leading us in songs of praise and worshipping Jesus together.

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  There is nothing like having a little one to keep you busy, and now Mama Mia finds herself carrying two. Little David is the same age as Mama Winnie's baby. (Mama Winnie lives next door and she come in every day to sew!) Mama Mia finds her energy increasing- Thank God!!

Thank you for your prayers. David is eating and crawling well now.

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  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary from Falmouth and all your family for filling up our baskets again with Duplex bricks. As you can see, it gives so much joy.

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​ He was one of the first children we had coming to be part of our family when he was only 2 years old. Quite a fearful child, now asking if he can read his Bible and share a thought during our evening worship time. All present were amazed by his courage.

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Preparation to receive communion is a lot of work. For about 7 months the children attend a lesson with our village Catechist 3 times a week. During which time they take exams, and finally if they have passed they are able to join the 100 or more children who normally receive their first holy Communion each year.

As from this week these lovely four will join the 6 who received their first Communion last year to start preparations for their Confirmation next year.

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This week I have celebrated my 39th year of being “Single for the Lord”. I want to thank the Lord for the promise He made me at that time, that He would always be faithful. Many who knew me when I was 18 years old, looking so young to consider making such a big commitment, said that it might not be so hard to not have my own children, but what about not having grandchildren. I knew that I would not be dissatisfied as I made my promise to remain single, as His promise to me would be so much greater. As well as my children in Karibu Nyumbani, the Lord gave me this little one,this month, to stand with at her baptism and be her God mother. My heart rejoices in His promises.

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Nikas often called “Baba” by all the children, lives a few minutes away and comes in at 4. 30am every day. I know that as I have been opening the gate for him this week! He comes to milk that cows with Lucekelo. Their whole family are a special blessing to us. I’ve known Nikas since I first arrived in Tanzania as he was at the Agape centre now nearly nine years ago. Although he didn’t know a word of English or me, Swahili, I taught him a few chords on the guitar and he became a good friend to me and later Ludmila especially when we were learning to get around on dala- dalas.

Top of Form



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We are so grateful to the Tanzanian Volunteers Lucekelo and Nikas working on the farm. This year as well as selling milk which has increased to 3 cows and is doing well, we are also eating a lot of our own fruit as well as vegetables. This last month we planted the land near Royston House with tomatoe plants and are hoping that this will help us with our food costs but also our neighbours who can come and buy from us. Please pray that they grow well.

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Baba Paul and Mama Hilary return

Baba Paul and Mama Hilary return
In July we once again we had the privilege of being part of the wonderful family at Karibu Nyumbani. Upon our arrival at the airport , we were greeted by shouts and hugs from some of the children. What a wonderful surprise that was.
We arrived at the beginning of July, in the middle of the preparations for their celebrations to officially open the Chapel and bless the orphanage. The day of celebration was an amazing experience, the orphanage was buzzing with love, life and the Holy Spirit and being a part of it was awesome.
As usual, spending time with the children was our primary purpose of our visit, with a little bit of painting and decorating thrown in! We enjoyed every minute of our stay, three weeks just wasn’t long enough but we can now start planning next year’s visit.
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In June and July we were blessed with a large group of eight volunteers from Slovakia. Their numbers brought with them great energy, enthusiasm and love. They took on their jobs tirelessly and showered the children with love. Thank you all.
Below are quotes from each of them

I am really grateful for this experience, Karibu Nyumbani is a home full of love and laugh. Thank you for an opportunity to be here.
Anna S.

Thank you that I could feel like at home. Karibu Nyumbani is a beautiful place and I hope I can come back here. This place gave a lot to my soul.
Maria R.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be in such a beautiful place with the amazing people. I hope I will come back one day. Karibu Nyumbani filled my heart with love.
. Maja Z.

I thank to Karibu Nyumbani they welcomed me and for some time I could be a member of this beautiful big family. I am grateful for this experience.
Let the God bless you and save you, let Him give you the peace, fills your hearts with love and let Him be always with you.

Karibu Nyumbani became my African home. I am really thankful for three weeks I spent here. I like African culture and I hope I will come back here.


Thank you for an opportunity to come here for your welcome. The moments I could spent with you enriched me a lot. My heart was filled with a feeling that I was at the place right for me. Simona

I found here a place full of love, joyfulness, humility, patience and unselfishness. I always dreamed about going to Africa to help as a volunteer and in Karibu Nyumbani my dream came true. I am thankful for an opportunity to come here. I could learn a lot. God bless you!
I came to Karibu Nyumbani to help as a volunteer but actually this place helped me. I brought some gifts but I got one of the nicest gifts I have ever got. God has its plans with everybody and I am glad I could follow Him right here.. THANK YOU.


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We had the joy of having Bishop Ruwai'chi come and Celebrate Mass in our chapel, with Fr. Ettiene the co-Founder of Agape Community, our --- and Parish Priest Fr. Benno Concelebrating. Around 300 people shared the day with us; members of our village parish and friends to give thanks for all the Lord has done.

  The children sang beautifully during the mass –"Father God, I wonder how I managed to exist without the knowledge of your parenthood and your loving care" They know that God is their Father. The message the Bishop brought to them was quite different, - God was also their Mother! Bishop Ruwai'chi spoke so beautifully of the tender heart of God and how he never forgets his children.

Our village choir sang like angels, our visitors from Slovakia and England and Germany helped us prepare for the day, Aunties and Uncles had been working hard to make the place as beautiful as it could be.

  – Truly the Lord has created an Oasis in the desert, and many came to drink of the goodness of the Lord with us on this special day. A big thank you to all our friends around the world who have supported us especially our Patron Jane, who we would have so loved to have had with us.

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 I want to thank all the people in Germany who gave me such a lovely time. Thanks to the different prayer meetings who invited me to talk. Thank you to all I visited, Brigitte and Martin, Bernadette and family, Max and your family, Barbara and Georg, Valeska and Johannes and others. Thank you for your love, and prayers and support- I love you all.

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 I have had a very precious time with little baby David. He is really a gift from God. His presence has completely changed my usual ritual of the day.

He has already 5 months and he makes us all laugh. All the children come every day too play with him. And the older children love to carry him on their backs, especially Gertrude.

I am very thankful for the volunteers from Czech and Slovakia, they have been very helpful.

May God bless all of you! 

  I am now on holiday in the Czech Republic seeing all my family and friends. I will arrived on the 4/8/2019 and stay for 6 weeks. Love to all Ludmila.

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 Col 3 v 1-3

"Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honour at God's right hand. Think about the things of heaven, not the things of earth. For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God." 

  When I wrote my last blog called "A Mother's heart," I had no idea what my next few months would hold and that on my return to Tanzania I would be saying my final goodbye to my own mother. My last 3 months have held moments when I have felt touches of Heaven followed by great loss. I would like to share some thoughts to encourage any others going through loss of a dear one. God bless you and give you courage in your grief. In Jesus, we are close.


It's never been easy to say good bye,

But this time, I knew it might be the last.

Earlier, on silent retreat, in the stillness.

As if being prepared,

Heaven took my breath away-

Peering through the veil.

My plans changed, hearing you were weak

And I had the joy of a whole month by your side

You were quieter than before

As if already gazing into heaven

Knowing that the one

Whose "banner

over you is love."

Was calling you,

You were fragile and yet inwardly strong

Peaceful and Calm.

Never wanting to be a burden

"I'm sorry "You'd say

And yet for me it was joy,

To hold you and love you.

Not wanting to leave your bed-side,

But the one calling you was calling me too.

He urged "Let go, she's in my arms"

So, trusting, I kissed you,

So beautiful and smiling

A grace moment

Peace in knowing

He loves you more.

Not two weeks passed

Now across the world

Happy children playing

Preparations for celebrations.

I ran to receive a call-

My brother's voice and his tears.

You slipped through the veil

At Peace- at Rest

Deep tears welled up, as well as grace

Knowing you're his.

In a world of orchids, bougainvillea

Mangoes and melons

As a child you left your familiar world

and still a child at heart

You've left ours

You're in His everlasting garden-

Complete Joy,

In His presence,

Where I am too, when I come away with Him

Within the veil.

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It is always so hard to leave home for so long, but I leave all of our children in the hands of their loving  Heavenly Father.

This is my prayer.
"My Children- 
My gift,
from Heaven, to love and to hold,
to pray for, to feed and grow.
I leave you in your Father's care,
tears of love flow as I place each one in His hands,
not only today,
but tomorrow and every tomorrow.

Trusting- He'll heal in His love
and bring each one
safely into
His Eternal Home.

My heart is too small- I'm only a channel,
so let each one of you
Rest in Your Father's Heart

He loves More.

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I'm going to be in England during May and June, so in the last week I've packed up all the bags made by Katerina over the last month with Veronika. And a beautiful prayer card written by Queenie to give to our friends in England! Thank you for your prayers for my journeying,visits,etc.

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A few years ago Catherine suddenly decided to come and volunteer with her friend Amelia for 3 weeks. In March this year she ran a half marathon to support us with our living expenses. Thank you Catherine, and all your friends and family who supported you. We hope to see you in Tanzania again soon!
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