The School: Our Future

We wish the Karibunyumbani Orphanage to become more self-supporting as time goes by.

Our vision for achieving this is by creating a school to whose pupils will not only come from the orphanage but from surrounding villages. Those from the surrounding village will pay small fees to attend the school this will help pay a teacher and hopefully provide a small surplus which will help with the general running of the Orphanage.


Isaiah 54 v 2 and 3a “Enlarge the space of your tent, Stretch your tent curtains wide, Do not hold back; Lengthen your cords, Strengthen your stakes. For you will spread out to the right and to the left."


LISU In 2013, when we, the mothers of Karibu Nyumbani- Welcome home Community were preparing to lay the foundations for our home for children, it was very much on our hearts to reach out to the children in the village. Two years after moving into our Home- Karibu Nyumbani, some of you may remember that we opened our doors to about 18 children of nursery age who were playing in the road just outside our gates. They came into our compound to learn, sing and play games from 8am – 12 noon. We had 2 Caritas volunteers with us then who were dedicated to them over their 10 months stay- Brigitte and Therese. Unfortunately, Brigitte and Therese became very tired, as did we all, although cheerful, they were noisy and to have them playing in the middle of our home did not feel right. We felt that we needed to wait for the right time for the Lord to give us land and open the door for us to build a school a little distance from Karibu Nyumbani. Many of our intercessor friends were praying for this vision, but we had no idea how it might happen.

In 2017 when Ludmila and I returned to Europe together, we had a holiday in Pembrokeshire with Jane our friend and Patron of Karibu Nyumbani . Then Ludmila went to see her family and friends in Czech. In the last week of her stay, Ludmila phoned me to tell me that some friends of hers wanted to support the school project. Their donation came at a time when land came up for sale in our village just 3 minutes’ walk away from the Orphanage. This enabled us to buy 3 acres of land and fence it. As with any vision, there is often a time of waiting, and praying and sometimes a testing time.

We continued to pray for a year. Then, that summer when Ludmila visited Czech she received a second donation from her friends. Also a Parish in Germany requested a donation from Missio. So that year we were able to start our school.

In the November of 2018 – March 2019 the office and toilets for the Nursery were built, and a class of 30 children from the village have attended our first nursery class. When I was in England this year at the end of June, I had a phone call from our Patron saying that she would like to build the 3 classes which just overwhelmed us, and we also had the promise of a donation from Missio again. We give praise and thanks to God for the moving of hearts towards us to bless the children in our village and all who will one day come through our school.



As much as we would like the school to be able at some point to support the Orphanage, we feel that it is more important to keep the school fees as low as possible. Over this last year the 30 children were paying £100 for the year and it covered all the costs of our 2 teachers, porridge and stationary etc. Therefore we ask for your continued prayers for this venture.

God has made a way for this project, as he did for the Orphanage. He continues to say that he is our builder and Husband. He is the Father of the children, and He will provide.

We believe that the 3 classes will be ready in January and are praying now for the next intake of children. SB PG
I would like specifically to thank Max, a German caritas volunteer who was with us nearly 18 months ago, for the birthday gift he made to us that went towards the school and also his Grandfather who sent us a gift on his 80th birthday. Thanks to Brigitte and Martin, who through your prayers have supported us from the very beginning of our journey with our school.
Thank you, Marie from Czech who spent 3 months, in the office with me setting up the accounts for the school and ways to register the children. To Katherine who came as a Social work student and her friend – who looked after the children in the breaks giving them porridge and taking them to the toilet. When I look over the last year – It is so clear to us that the Lord provides through the love and support of all our friends all over the world.
In the beginning of 2018 we had a Sister come from Czech Republic who after 3 months with us went back to pray about ways in which she can set up a training course for young teachers who would like to volunteer teach in our new school. Please pray for her- Sr. Fedelis who is now meeting with leaders of education in Czech.


We ask please for your prayers for this faith venture, that Our Father who we know to be always faithful will be known to our children and to all who surround us in our village.



We are looking for donors – individuals, families or businesses here in Tanzania, Czech and Germany and other countries, who would like to support the school with one-off donations or a regular monthly amount. This can help us open a door of hope to the many children in our village. Contact us for further information.



If you are a teacher from abroad and are interested in supporting us or teaching as a volunteer, please contact us.


Fiona Hendy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
Tel.: +255 788 503259