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29th JUNE...


This week our school started up after a three and a half month break because of the Covid 19 virus.

All our 7 young ones who go to the school were desperate to go back, and all the village children too.

So all 50 of them turned up beautifully and ready to learn and play.

It was great to walk around the school and see everyone so happy.



On Monday it will be six months since I arrived in Tanzania. My time teaching here has been varied. I have enjoyed the slower pace of life and the possibility to be creative making my own resources to use in my lessons with the nursery and pre-unit children and preparing homework for the children to do (this is done by hand because we don't have a photocopier) I taught the nursery and pre-school class for ten weeks before lockdown started. For the last month of teaching at the school I had two fantastic volunteers to help me prepare teaching aids and to help the children with their writing. After lockdown, the school closed and the volunteers returned home. I began to home school the seven younger children at the orphanage ( one from nursery class and six from the pre-unit class) Teaching the children at home was a new challenge and at times it was difficult for the children to have school in their own home. Now, after three and a half months we have returned to school again. I am very glad to be back with all the children and have missed them very much.

On one hand, it has been a challenge for me to teach here. The way of teaching is very different to what I have been used to teaching pre-schoolers in Poland and The UK. The children sit at desks learning formally and with limited resources. However, on the other hand I have never met such joyful children in my life. Every day I am greeted by children with beaming smiles who are so happy to be at school, to have a school uniform and school bag and who delight to play on the slides we have on our school grounds at play time. Here the children teach me to find joy in such simple things. For example, the children in my classes are so delighted when they get to use a pencil with a rubber on the top and colouring pencils are treasured items used for special work. This is in great contrast to how things are in Europe where children have everything available to them from Duplo blocks to interactive whiteboards. My dream is to have a laminator and laminating pouches so I can prepare resources that can last  I am learning a lot from teaching here. I look forward to the next season of teaching. We have two new teachers who are very lovely and it's great to work as a team. I hope together we can help every child learn successfully.


As we wait for donations to continue to build the next block of classrooms, we would like to build a small kitchen. As you can see in the 2 pictures we have progressed from a log fire to a gas stove, a shack to a small store. We would like to build a small kitchen store, which can eventually be a used for teachers accommodation when we are able to build the school dining hall.

We would like to thank a family in Germany- friends of Karibu Nyumbani, whose donation will cover this project. God bless you.


During the last year some of our poorer parents from the village have found new ways of raising school fees. We want to congratulate them for all their hard work. One mother has started to sell shoes and she is able to pay each week for her little girl.

The gentleman in the picture below is our neighbour and he has been able to expand his shop which has meant better business. The other lady in the picture is making chapatis to help pay for her little girl. We are continuing to pray that we can bless many more children from our village as the school grows- please continue to pray for this growing project.

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 We're delighted to be ready with this New Year News about Welcome Home School 2020

As some of you will remember we started January 2019 with our first Nursery Class of 20 children.

The year went well and finished in the first week of December with a Parents meeting where we were so happy to have nearly all the parents, with the new head Teacher Evans chairing. The parents blessed the teachers with a small gift each and all the children were taken by their parents' home with their reports.

 It was a very busy December for our builders finishing their work, for the teachers preparing lessons, and on the day before we started it was all hands-on deck.

We thank our Donors who provided for this year's building project Missio in Germany and Jane Rose our Patron of Karibu Nyumbani. The project included 3 New Classes and Toilet Block one for girls and one for boys. Also new furniture- desks for teachers, and tables and chairs for the children.

All was ready just in time!

First day jan 2020…
Kat our English Teacher flew in from England ready to teach after a few days' rest. She hit the ground running - not having a word of Swahili- she has been amazing.

The 46 children attending the school are coming from our village and nearest town. The small school fee is almost impossible for some of the families and some have arranged to bring small amounts each week, so they can pay.


We already have our Primary One class, so we can take in our next class in 2021. We would like to start to build the 7 other classes, the dining room and hall.
We ask for your continued prayers that this Project will continue to bless our neighbours' children and bring Glory to God.
Glory to God

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